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Q. How do I become a Nuplace tenant?
A. Check out our steps to becoming a Nuplace tenant.

Q. Can I reserve a plot?
A. Yes, plots can be reserved with a £110 holding fee which will be refunded

Q. When do I need to give my holding fee?
A. If you would like to reserve your Nuplace you can do so for £110. You will not need to pay this until have chosen your favourite plot and your application has been approved. Read more about our holding fee.

Q. Do I have to pay for credit and reference checks?
A.  No.

Q. How much deposit will I pay?
A. Deposits are the equivalent of five weeks rent.

Q. Can I buy a plot?
A. Nuplace homes cannot be bought they are available for private rent only.

Q. Does Nuplace provide any social housing?
A. No. Nuplace properties are available for private rent only and Nuplace does not provide social housing.

Q. Am I allowed to smoke inside my home?

A. No. Nuplace do not allow smoking inside of the properties.

Q. Do you offer discounts to MOD, Police, Fire, NHS employees or teaching professionals?

A. Nuplace do not offer discounts. However we’d like to speak to anyone working in these areas to see how we can help.  We have identified these employees as important and have given priority to any applicant who has indicated they are working in one of these professions.

Q. What happens if I fail my credit check?

If you fail your credit check we will discuss with you the possibility of a guarantor.