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House share

Did you know you can house share with Nuplace.

House sharing with a friend can be great fun as well as a great solution for making independent living more affordable.

Joint tenancy agreements allow like minded people the opportunity to live together – so whether you’re looking to move out of home for the first time, reduce your living costs or live closer to work a joint tenancy could be the answer – giving you more money to spend on the things you love!

Some of the benefits of house sharing are:

  • Share the cost of rent, bills and other living expenses plus those upfront costs such as deposits and holding fees
  • Share household responsibilities and duties such as food shopping, cleaning and cooking meals
  • Live in a better quality of home, which without the joint tenancy you may not otherwise have been able to
  • Enjoy the company of living with someone – there will always be someone there to ask how your day was
  • You may even be able to share travel plans and costs if you’re heading to the same place like splitting the costs of fuel or taxis
  • After an evening out – you know you are in safe hands returning home together

We have a number of properties suitable for house shares which you can check out.

Alternatively give our team a call for their advice on the best properties to share.